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You are missing the point. I said that Nintendo can never get third party parity no matter how hard they try. That doesn't mean they won't get third party support.

What it means is that they can't get all the third party developers to support their platform like how Sony and Microsoft can almost guarantee. Squenix for the longest time has never attempted to bring in the final fantasy games on Nintendo even now. Sure, there are some but not many.

And then there's these big devs like EA and Rockstar who will never change their minds and try Nintendo's platforms. And even if they do, the results would just not work out in the end. And this is simply because many of the devs can't understand how to develop or port their games to Nintendo platforms simply because of the time needed to do so.

You look at every single Nintendo console out there and the amount of third party support they have is just the same. Nintendo will unlikely get the third party paritiy that Sony and Microsoft get because that is just how they operate. And I guarantee you that even if they somehow bring in a powerful Switch pro, the result would likely be the same.


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