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Tue Dec 03 19 09:31am
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I'm really not trying to start a debate or anything. But I just don't believe that Vic did these things based on the lack of concrete evidence to support the allegations. It is possible that he did these things, but the only evidence I can think of that supports these claims are hear-say stories, which some people who were involved in said stories coming forward to debunk or provide a totally different take on what happened. A lot of supposed evidence were revealed to be altered in a negative way towards Vic by those who disliked him, and or taken out of context.

If these allegations did happen, than he deserves to be punished. And if you are talking about the defamation lawsuit, its hard to silence someone when they have already told their story and got the plaintiff fired from many of his acting gigs.

In the end, we may agree to disagree, and that's fine. I just take false allegations as seriously as any supposed sexual harrasment claims. If anything, Zoe Quinn is an example of what can happen if you accuse someone (on twitter, like in vic's case) with only hearsay evidence that I believed was proven to be false based on her previous tweets. I just wouldn't want something like that happening again....


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