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Fri Dec 06 19 08:06am
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Hope these ports keep on happening. Can't wait for Doom Eternal.
The new generation consoles look so boring, is the exact same speech they gave when the previous generation launched (ps4 and xbox one), like "now new kind of games will be possible" and here we are on 2019 playing the exact same games we have been playing since the gamecube / ps2 era (I put VR aside as it is too expensive on consoles and it seems developers have been putting it aside quite recently) They didn't even implement motion controls for shooters on xbox one / ps4, even though the ps4 has motion controls, devs don't even use it.
It only seems an increase in performance to simply put aside older consoles and the competition (Nintendo). Huge games are now possible and look incredibly amazing on PS4 and Xbox One (Doom at 60fps on consoles just to name an example). I see no point on bringing even more power, there will be more unoptimized games like all games from EA and barely anything surprising that can't be done with previous gen consoles. Like the "interactive fish" from Call of Duty when PS4 and Xbox One were announced, something that you saw like for 20 seconds or less. That same idea of interactive fish was done on Super Mario 64 and mostly because you spent more time on the water so there was the need to make it feel more natural / interactive.

Anyway, the new generation of consoles is approaching, but if developers are interested on Nintendo Switch (and its sales), they will probably (and hopefully) keep on developing for it.


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