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The problem is you are conflating shallow headline-grabbing current-year political commentary with deep ideological and philosophical positions.

People not only accept but enjoy the latter. Most games, and hell most good media has that. Discussions about sociological issues and about strongly debated philosophical and political issues have always been welcome in media.

What most people despise is when hot-button, mostly Twitter fad-like topics are thrown into games. Like this particular example where somebody decided to mix Untitled Goose Game with the upcoming UK General Election.

If you want a clearer explanation of what I mean, a game that has something to say about the strengths of unity versus isolationism is very likely to be welcomed by everyone, even those of us who typically ask for "no politics in our games". But a game about Brexit is not. Hell, I'll give you an example: I'm a very right-wing, nationalist guy, and I'm currently playing Death Stranding, and it's making me think a lot about that particular issue of unity vs isolationism. But if the game was like "hey, fuck Trump and Brexit", it wouldn't be as well recieved as it is, despite tackling the same issues from an opposite viewpoint (Kojima admitted as much on multiple interviews.)


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