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To an extent, I can agree that any message that's too on the nose can feel ham-fisted or forced. But your overall argument sounds like a game (or any piece of media) has to play things safe in order for them to get [your] approval for discussion; Where certain camps don't mind thinking about certain ideas, so long as they're removed far enough so they don't have to be challenged on their immediate beliefs/actions.

I think it's naiive to assume folks like games more because they lack touching on hot-button topics. Game development is a weird beast. Because they can take years to make, it's only natural their message isn't gonna be poignant about a specific person or thing, unless it's something that's ongoing.

But contrast that to heyday shows enjoyed across the board like the Simpsons, King of the Hill, South Park, or the early Marvel/DC comics. They didn't hesitate or wait to deliver messages about "current-year" topics; whether in a quick joke or entire plot. Heck, even to an unfortunate extent, the war-time propaganda cartoons from Disney and Warner Bros.

The game honestly hasn't changed, which is why it's so telling when some folks say they miss the days when media wasn't so political. It's always been political.


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