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Political add's and advertising that are on the nose should be called what they are propaganda. Thats exactly what UGG devs are doing by trying to influence the audience to their side its just that propaganda. Other points I like to make is that while The Simpsons, Marvel Comics, and DC (I don't watch KOTH and South Park has been shown to still be critical of both sides, so I'm giving those a pass) their politics have been one side on recent years. And while present events can inspire a writer, media doesn't have to be created to challenge a person, specially game developers that like you said take years to make their craft and in this environment were it seems that having the wrong ideas can get you banned and censored. I personally find that until people can learn to respect opposite opinions like it used to be around a decade ago (maybe two) ago, any developer or media pundit, director, producer, etc with common sense should be more wary and keep social critique to a minimum or subtle level. One example I like to put out here is about the recent Joker movie. Many People say it's right wing politics, but if you look in-between the lines you can see that they took jabs a a lot of subjects from across the board. For instances to me Thomas Wayne represents elite class politician stereotypes while Murray represents propaganda filled programs and the Joker it's meant to represents the lower classes dealing with social shift and Unaffordable health care cost among other issues. Thats how politics can be done in entertainment by making a wide reaching mesh of problems that affect society instead of some garbage endorsement that could very well not represent the beliefs, will or wishes of everyone that worked on said project.


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