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Agreed if this was the 90's a DK section would be a NO brainer. DK use to be part of "the big 3" Mario, Zelda, and DK. But ever since Rare left Nintendo mismanaged and squandered the DK IP so badly that most people view DK as nothing more than a Mario spin-off series on the same level as like a Yoshi or Luigis Mansion nowadays. Even though Mario is a spin-off of DK! Its really a shame how mistreated DK is as a franchise compared to others when its Nintendo's 5th best selling franchise of all time.

While yes Im happy DK is getting a section (obviously) Im just so use to the abuse Nintendo gives us DK fans nowadays Im honestly shocked we didnt get Fire Emblem, Zelda, or Xenoblade land instead. Not to mention as much as I like Retro's games you know damn well DK land is not gonna have K.Rool/Kremlings and the animal buddies besides Squawks and Rambi.


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