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Except I wasn't suggesting they should become the DK company Im saying they should be the primary studio for DK like Rare was in the 90's. Rare made a TON of games while still churning out DK. Retro just needs a kick in the pants and more employees. We have gone 6 years without a new game from Retro. They could have easily made a new DKC game using the same engine in that time but instead rumor has it they were working on a New IP that went absolutely no where it got cancelled and then Nintendo put them on Prime 4.

Im sorry but everytime I hear someone say "Retro should make an original IP" I go "really?" How has that worked out for them in the past with Raven Blade, that NFL game they were making, and of course whatever New IP they were working on since late 2013 when Tropical Freeze wrapped development. IMO Retro should just stick with established IP's and reinventing them for a new audience the same way they did for Metroid and DK.


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