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Thu Jan 09 20 11:42pm
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Well, it now 100% is confirmed to be Pikmin 3.
As for the last one... yikes. There were many 6 out of 10 games on the Switch.

I can't imagine it being Game & Wario, Nintendo Land nor Kirby & the Rainbow Course due to several compatibility issues.
And if the rating is a 6... it can't be Xenoblade Chronicles X nor Super Mario 3d World, unless Peer has really awful taste.
Only things that come to my mind:

-Paper Mario: Color Splash... it's a really charming game (despite of the generic Toad designs), but it's simple RPG mechanics were completely destroyed by the Gamepad. Nintendo must have balls if they really want to double dip on this game.

-Star Fox Zero.... although Miyamoto himself has recognized before that this game was a failure. (Not directly, he just implied it by saying the next entry will need a lot more strict quality control). Being able to play it without the gamepad, improving the graphics a lot and adding hundreds of bonus missions + an online mode C O U L D save this game, just the same way Mario Tennis Aces saved Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.

-Wonderful 101. I know, it's not worthy of a 6... I ADORE this game. It's amazing, it's probably one of my favorite games ever. But... many reviewers hated it, dunno why. Maybe the tutorial was a bit messy? I just know this game isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Can't imagine anything else. For me, Wonderful 101 is the safest choice, but Nintendo sometimes can be crazy enough to try porting Star Fox Zero and Color Splash.


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