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Fri Jan 10 20 05:53am
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I can\t see SF0 being it since it\s so heavily built around the gamepad they would have to do a lot of work and the game just wouldn't be the same without it. And yeah, I am one of those who loved the game with the use of the gamepad.

XCX and TW101 might not need the GP, but would really be "empty" without it and would also need extra work...

Now, 3D world is would be easy peasy a port and would work on Switch without much effort. Same with Pikmin 3, but I would rather they make Pikmin 4..But hey! Can't win 'em all.

I really have to get back and replay SF0 though. There are still a couple of hidden routes I have to discover =)

P.S: They could also make some HD Wii ports. Not just Ninty though. MadWorld would be great in HD, for example.


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