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NEver played a KH game, so I have very little to say about Sora. But then again, I have enevr played a Persona game and Joker's stage is one of my favourites in Smash Ultimate. Many people didn't even know who Terry was, but he still kicks ass as a fighter. If they would have given all the attention they did with other DLC characters it would probably have been a good addition in some way for plenty of people. Both KH fans and those like me. That goes for all DLC characters, and I hope they give the attention and detail to the next six.

Disney is pretty strict with their IPs just as Nintendo (I am still so surprised I am bit confused with the TW101 thing though... Seriously, what happened?) so I wouldn't be very surprised if true, but I think they could have gotten a good (and lucratie?) deal out of it...

But tis IS a rumour and we should look at it as such.


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