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Fri Feb 07 20 09:36pm
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I have been joking about Sora being in Smash Bros. for quite a while now, so I got a kick out of this.

Giving it some thought:

Sora has a fighting style that lends itself well to Smash Bros., even if Donald and Goofy aren't in it and we stick strictly with Sora and his Keyblade. He uses the Keyblade like a sword and can cast the standard Final Fantasy magic spells (Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Cure, Stop, Gravity, as well as the KH-only Balloon), has a lot of options for a mid-air upwards move for an up special, and has a lot of flashy auto-combo moves, as well as a lot of cinematic moves (especially from Kingdom Hearts III) that could work as a Final Smash. One possibility that opens Sora up to be the deepest character in Smash Bros. yet (but would almost certainly get him banned in tournaments without extra rules) is that Sora can use many different Keyblades, each with their own reach, damage, magic capacity, and other miscellaneous bonuses or drawbacks.

Kingdom Hearts is also full of locations suitable for a Smash Bros. stage--top of the list for me is Traverse Town, as it's a setting original to Kingdom Hearts, a lot of important things happen there, it looks nothing like any existing Smash Bros. location (think nighttime medieval fantasy town infused with a bit of steampunk and a lot of Disney), and it's canon that it changes topography giving an excuse for the stage to shift around.

Also, Yoko Shimomura is already on the Smash Bros. music team.


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