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Sat Feb 08 20 01:34pm
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I'm saying if Kingdom Hearts were a grand banquet, Nintendo was given a glass of water, a stale roll and a basic side salad, as Sony gets the full meal and all the extras... not exactly amazing support... unless Nintendo really likes their second-class treatment...

And as for Tomb Raider, only six or so (or about 1/3 of the series) has actually appeared on a Nintendo console, half of them in the form of GB/GBA games, which are apparently considered spin-offs... we haven't seen a Tomb Raider game on a Nintendo system since the Wii, and not a single game in the new series... if they really needed another chick with guns they should look to their own and add Elma from Xenoblade X, who not only wields rule-abiding blasting pistols (as oppose to bullets), but a pair of swords and has all sorts of crazy abilities... not to mention drives a giant combat robot... way more options there...

Now Final Fantasy VI... it's old, but at least Square went out of their way to put it on Nintendo systems in a timely manner (twice), with no incentive beyond "it's just good business" and nothing Smash related... and Space Invaders? Including the compilations, there's more of those games on Nintendo systems then there are Kingdom Hearts and Tomb Raider combined... most of the games in the series has appeared on Nintendo systems, with at least six titles either exclusive or released first on Nintendo... heck, they even put Space Invaders on the Virtual Boy... also there's the fact that FF VI is still regarded as the best in the series by many and Space Invaders is super important to the gaming industry as a whole... honestly, if you think KH and TR are more qualified, you're not paying attention...


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