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Sat Feb 08 20 03:29pm
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You are acting as if Lara Croft has not mattered to the games industry.

Even if it can be proven that Lara Croft is actually important to the game industry, importance to the industry as a whole should not come before importance to Nintendo... especially when the vast majority of that industry importance is completely absent from Nintendo.

Elma's not going to drive up game sales.

Implying there aren't people who want Elma in Smash or wouldn't buy Elma because she's Elma and not someone else... Xenoblade has lots of fans, and lots of people are buying the fighter DLC simply because it's fighter DLC. Furthermore, Smash Ultimate is already the most successful fighting game of all time... what does driving up game sales matter when you're already number one and still climbing anyways? Also, Byleth... are going to tell me that little addition was made to drive up sales? Or what about Pirahna Plant? I'm sure they were expecting to clear whole shelves with that one s/... for the most diehard Smash fan character DLC is character DLC, who is in it doesn't matter.

Also, what would a 2nd Final Fantasy character do? Wasn't Cloud enough?

Frankly, Cloud should have never been added to begin with... if any FF character should have been given that honor it's Terra... at least then we could say they added a FF character that likely deserved it...


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