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Banjo is... what? I said a character's significance to Nintendo should come before their significance to the industry as a whole and that's a pretty good description of the Banjo-Kazooie series... it's mark on the industry was fairly small, but within Nintendo it was huge...

Metal Gear had fewer games on Nintendo consoles than Tomb Raider does now, before Snake was put into Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The same can also be said for Street Fighter and Bayonetta.

even after Microsoft got their hands on it they don't really do much with it... the history it made on Nintendo remains the majority of the franchise...

Yeah you don't think that's not going to change now that they know there is a fanbase that they could sell a new game to? They played Nintendo like fools.

Are you trying to imply the only way Nintendo can expand their base through Smash is to include third-party characters that have little or nothing to do with Nintendo?

How does she have nothing to do with Nintendo when Sora has less to do with Nintendo?

The point I'm trying to make is that people still buy the DLC... even with promotional characters and minions and other such characters whose popularity and recognition pale in comparison to others... so picking popular Playstation characters over less-popular Nintendo characters isn't going to make that huge a difference...

Tomb Raider actually released on Sega Saturn in Europe first, so that's not true. People still buy the DLC well they'll only pay $6. Any gamer who is excited for their favorite character in Smash Bros. would have to pay for the console and the game as well.


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