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Exactly that too. Mario follows the same Bowser kidnaps Peach story over and over where as K.Rool changes up his strategy every game. First DKC he steals the Kongs banana hoard to starve them to death so he can occupy their treehouse, DKC2 he kidnaps DK as revenge, in DKC3 he kidnaps both Diddy and DK as revenge and builds a robot Kaos that he uses Diddy and DK to power. DK64 he kidnaps all the Kongs and the banana hoard to distract DK while he prepares to the Blast-O-Matic to blow up DK Isles and get his revenge once and for all. Then of course Retro's DKC games have different stories and enemies of their own.

Man I would love to see a DKC animated movie...


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