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What does "DK has not enough" mean? Are you saying DK cant have a Warriors game because it doesnt have enough characters? Boy are you wrong...

- Donkey Kong
- Diddy Kong
- Dixie Kong
- Cranky Kong
- Wrinkly Kong
- Candy Kong
- Tiny Kong
- Lanky Kong
- Kiddy Kong
- Chunky Kong
- Funky Kong
- Swanky Kong
- King K.Rool
- Krusha
- Klump
- Taj the Genie
- Wizpig

All these characters could utilize their special moves from DK64, musical instruments, Fruit guns, and personality traits. K.Rool has his many personas they could pull from for his movesets.

The story is simple theirs a 5 way War going for the Kongs Banana hoard as well as DK Island. Its Kongs vs. Kremlings vs. Tikis vs. Snowmads vs. The evil Kongs from Jungle Beat. You're mowing down countless DK mooks.

A DK Musou game would actually work extremely well.


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