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Thu Mar 26 20 12:55am
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No one knows DK characters? Nintendo's 5th best selling franchise of all time? Every DKC game released on the SNES ended up in the top 10 best sellers on the system. DK64 sold over 5 million copies on N64. Returns sold over 6 million copies and Tropical Freeze sold over 3 million. Diddy Kong Racing sold 6 million copies on N64 and got a DS remake and yes Nintendo owns Taj and Wizpig or else they would've been removed in the DS remake ala Banjo and Conker. Also DK is getting a land at Nintendo World before either Zelda or Fire Emblem. King K.Rool was a top voted character in the Smash Ballot. Their is a demand for DK and its characters and fans as well as Nintendo need to stop downplaying DK's significance as an IP.

You could say the same thing about both the other Nintendo Warriors games half the characters in BOTH rosters no one would care about unless you're hardcore into both series. The whole point of these games is to throw fanservice at you. So not really getting your point there.


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