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Thu Mar 26 20 01:20am
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*sigh* ...you know what, forget it... you're obviously too stubborn to see the obvious flaws in your logic, the difference between a character who appears for one whole screen vs. a character integral to the plot of a major story driven game, the fact that DK is still technically part of the Mario IP, or why one popular character doesn't make for a popular cast of characters...

FYI, the simplest explanation for why Conker and Banjo were removed from the DS version of DKR is because they're stars of their own distinct franchises and thus technically crossover characters... Taj and Wizpig on the other hand, like the rest of the original characters in DKR, were made as part of DKR... and before you bring up Tiptup, even assuming it's the same Tiptup and not just another turtle named Tiptup, in both cases he's no more significant to DKR or Banjo-Kazooie than characters like Candy, Wrinkly and Swanky are to DKC...


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