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I think I'm going with XCom on this since it's a game I hear works good for handheld sessions and I never played the series before. That and it would take up way more space on my PC than I'd like so I'm willing to sacrifice the achievements for the sake of a game I can play to the end more reliably. Maybe Bioshock too if those games are any good, and Borderlands isn't really my thing. I have the SD card space for all of them but even I feel they should have maybe stuck bioshock 1 on the cart, the others off it.

Then again it's just a simple plus button click away to get the games and enjoy them so if it's not a one use code nonsense, I'm fine with this. They'll be easy to update and the only problem is space which is a huge deal for borderlands as they won't even fit on a switch without an SD card. Still, this is the future more than likely when next gen comes around.


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