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Me and my bestie play every weekend, and we usually go through lots of Local co-op stuff. Sadly due to this stupid virus, we can't do that anymore! He owns a switch, but he only has Pokemon and lost interest in the game a week in, so I can't really play online with him on anything but steam, but he owns games I don't really care about (RTS types).

But it really sucks. I just want to make him come over here on one hand, but on the other I can't because he's immunocompromised and would be at a very bad risk of death if he got the darn thing. So thus, I'm stuck with a grandma and a pet cat, and neither one of them can play video games at all (my grandma refuses to because a decade ago, she drove backwards in Mario Kart Wii and I made fun of her. She still hasn't let it go and won't even try simpler games with me, but she does play board games.) It really sucks to have nobody to play my PCE Mini with.


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