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Mon Mar 30 20 11:04am
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So they did a 30FPS downgrade, yet wasted their time on motion control gimmicks? Get out. I’m sick of third parties not bothering to make their games 60FPS like on other systems. I know Borderlands ran at 30 last gen... But that was last gen. The remasters have been everywhere at 60 for eons now. it’s the same shit we went through with Dark Souls, Doom, and Wolf II.

I don’t give a piss if the games look pretty, I’d rather they run the same as the other versions. (kinda why Witcher 3 matching the other console versions, which IIRC were at 30, was good in my book as it made it a pretty spot on port of a game that benefitted) so sick of these porting teams not really caring about that, at least as some sort of option like in Rocket League.