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Not charge full $60 for most of them (especially Tropical Freeze a game that wasn't even originally $60 at launch and added nothing of extra value to justify its inflated price). Also not act like these are major new releases. Nintendo treats a lot of these ports as brand new releases giving them full price tags and giving them a month all to their own. No other company charges $60 for their ports.

Take the upcoming Borderlands and Bioshock collections coming to Switch as examples you're getting 3 meaty games for $60 (presumably) compared to Nintendo upselling Tropical Freeze for a full $60 or charging a full $60 for Game Boy remakes with Link's Awakening, Pokemon Lets Go, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Also if you take away the Wii U ports the Switch library from a 1st party perspective would look just as anemic as the Wii U's in terms of steady releases. At least during the Wii U Nintendo had an excuse with the system failing, having to co-develop for the 3DS, and having trouble with HD development. Nintendo doesn't have that excuse nowadays their is no competing hardware, Nintendo merged both their handheld and console development into one entity, Switch is selling like hot cakes and breaking records. Nintendo could/should be doing more IMO than just relying on ports and past content with a fresh coat of paint. Especially considering their are still tons of Nintendo franchises yet to even grace the platform yet (Pikmin, A new DK, F-Zero, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Wario Land/Ware, etc.) The original games they have released, most are great but its still a little thin compared to previous Nintendo consoles (bar Wii U) within the same 3 year span of time.