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I have a feeling there will be some sort of gyro feature to implement this. Maybe pushing and holding the right joystick puts you in a mode where moving the console (in handheld) or joycons around moves a crosshair around the screen to do this. Something like that, but in the end, this is a secondary gameplay element, I never even considered it before now, because I didn't spend too much time collecting the outlying bits. My bigger question is how they're handling a Sunshine port.. one of the biggest reasons I think it has yet to have a remaster of any kind is that no system since the Gamecube has had pressure sensitive L&R triggers. Similar uses like racing games can relegate this kind of control to the right analog stick, but Mario already uses this for camera controls. I'm sure they've figured out their concession for controlling the water pressure in the game, but this is a primary game function, and I'm very interested to find out what they've chosen.


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