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I have deep nostalgia for Super Mario 64 since I bought it and an N64 on launch day (I still remember my dad hemming and hawing when the register rang up the total of ~$275). I've played all the ports mentioned above (and actually really appreciated the DS version doing it's weird multiple characters thing and extra stars).

That's why I would love it if they, like others have pointed out, go for a Crash or Spyro styled remake of the graphics. If they COULD pull off a Halo Anniversary style remake where hitting ZR or whatever seamlessly swapped between the old graphics and new, that'd be fine too, but honestly I want them to go crazy with this. I still have my Wii U plugged in if I ever wanted to just play a nice port.

The real thing we need to address is that Sunshine is the worst 3D Mario game and that they should fix all bugs, and frankly, maybe do the DS thing of adding in some original content because it SUCKED having to get practically all the shines in one level in order to progress (as opposed to 64 where every couple of stars felt it unlocked a new door somewhere). The game's not awful, but it certainly needed more time in the oven and now they have the time to revamp it. I hope they do. It was a good game.

The Galaxy games are perfect and just need updated graphics.


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