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Ever since that Throwback Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 I've been dying to see the rest of the game look that good! I'm all for a complete remake with new graphics.

Also, if we're going to talk the DS port, don't forget that it had all new graphics, The character models looked better, especially Mario and Bowser. There were all new and more detailed textures! And all four players were playable in single player, giving you lots of new options on how to tackle certain objectives! Not to mention 30 new stars! I'd like to see the DS content implemented into a game with better controls!

So yeah, I guess they certainly won't make everyone happy! Ha! But hey, no matter what, if a Super Mario All-Stars 2 really IS coming, I'll be thrilled no matter what it is.
...as long as it's not just an SNES ROM on a Wii disc. I'm looking at YOU, anniversary collection!


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