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First of all, people can complain all they want, but if they are still paying for the service they are not incentivising Nintendo to improve it. Why would they put a lot more effort to many minimum returns? By slowly adding things they keep people paying, which is all that matters.

And Virtual Console was great for people to buy the same 10 games or so. There was some variety in the beginning of the Wii era, but by the time it ended, through the Wii U and 3DS, you can check the best selling games and they are always the same. Also, if you notice, service subscriptions are the future and very much our present. Why spend $20 on a movie when you can pay $8 a month and have a bunch more? Why pay $20 for 4 NES games when you can pay that same amount to have that and a bunch more stuff for an entire year?


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