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Games on the other hand are worthwhile because you can play them again and a lot of effort is put to them.
What about the music industry? It fits the same way as the game industry. You can listen to them again and again. Also, for most musicians, a lot of effort was also put into it.
Let's also not forget GamePass. A great implementation by Microsoft and excellent value for money. It's been doing so well that Sony has made changes to PS Now to partially copy it and Ubisoft has implemented a similar yet overpriced service too.

And who is to say Nintendo will not remove the service once the next gen console comes out?

So you'd rather spend hundreds of dollars on a Virtual Console system that is proven to be unreliable and have us repurchase (3DS) or pay an amount for use (Wii U)? Instead of paying $20 a year to have access to the same games? It must be nice to be that rich.

The only reason people are paying for the subscription is for the online and cloud save. So far, Nintendo hasn't made a survey on how many people use the service to play nes and SNES games so that means Nintendo has hardly made anything of worth releasing them on the service.

Speak for yourself. I love playing the NES and SNES offerings. Especially ones I've never played and wouldn't have played if they weren't part of the service such as Ninja Gaiden, Journey to Silius, Super Ghouls n Ghosts, and Pop'n TwinBee (That's at least $26 in the VC system).
And Nintendo has access to our play data. So they know how many hours users are putting into the NES and SNES apps. I wouldn't be surprised if they also knew how much we play each individual game since the app keeps count of that.
I also make use of the online regularly and cloud saves, of course. But what I mostly make use of is the retro game selection.


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