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Thu Apr 02 20 08:06pm
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I get him, but they set the precedent. Naturally if you put a few of your published games on a competitor’s console that fan base will hope for others to come over. Like if Nintendo put a Mario game out on Xbox, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to see Xbox fans ask for Zelda and so on.

I do hope they use the Switch to push their new games in the way it seems like they put Ori on there to bring in support for the sequel (they got me to buy an Xbox One from doing that). I don’t expect any new releases at all but in certain situations it makes sense for them to bring games over, like if a new Banjo game were to come exclusively for Xbox it’d make sense to put the first two games out on Switch. Throw Nintendo fans a bone while getting them excited for a new game and potentially buy an Xbox to get the new one and so on.


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