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Sun Apr 19 20 04:29pm
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Ignoring subjective points like how it looks or music choices, the Tengen version includes 2 player vs and cooperative modes, so feature wise, it's superior no question.

Now its been a long time since I've played "high level" Tetris, so I don't remember specifics at all, but the Tengen game's algorithm is more gradual for spead/gravity increase and the frame per row decrease when you advance levels, making it easier as you go on. The problem ends up being at top level play, the Tengen game is near impossible to lose once you max out speed/etc. I recall the pieces spin differently as well, but I unfortunately can't remember enough about that specifically.

If you are casually playing Tetris by yourself, neither is really better outside aesthetic preferences.

If you want to play against a friend with a single system, the Tengen game is a better choice.

If you are hosting a tournament, the NES game is a better choice.


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