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I was excited about the Wii U + 3DS era and I still submit that it had the potential to be Nintendo at its finest. Wii U is still their greatest piece of hardware in my opinion, even though Switch is marginally stronger. Switch is a rushed product full of slapdash, half-baked ideas and I'd honestly be rather baffled it's been doing as well as it has if not for the fact that I know a lot of whiners were just waiting for the next system which didn't have the word "Wii" somewhere in its name or a child anywhere in its commercials.

Nintendo's Gen8 era showed ambition and vision, and you could tell that the Wii U was the culmination of everything Iwata was trying to do with the company. That system was his goddamn baby and everything in how he ran the company during those days made sure you knew it. And while Switch is ostensibly also his brainchild, much of its development took place after his death and it feels more like a listless replacement leadership trying to play catch-up in an industry which has been dominated the past seven years by the resurgence of a "hardcores-only" attitude among the gaming populace and dull, uninspired hardware like the PS4 somehow running away in sales due to clever marketing and capitalizing on the PR gaffes of other brands. Gamers have indeed risen up, to the detriment of the rest of us.

Switch is the product of a Nintendo which has had its balls stolen, now following in lockstep behind the rest of the industry with its tail between its legs and giving vindication to those gamers who spent years demanding it one day "come crawling back" after claiming to be so betrayed by the success of the Wii. Sure, Switch is seeing similar success (if not greater in some ways), but the proverbial spark behind Nintendo's eyes is gone. Others say Nintendo is back. I say Nintendo is broken. They're an abused spouse whose ambition was beaten out of them and is now reduced to repeating "yes dear, okay dear" to an unappreciative, abusive audience they have indeed come crawling back to and their art has suffered for it.

I hope one day that spark can return to their eyes. For now, I'll just have to spend the next several years riding out this coming console generation and hoping for the best.


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