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Still going to have to see some stuff happen before the Switch surpasses the Wii U. The innovations the Switch brings to the table are great, and it's kinda nice that the system effectively comes with 2 SNES controllers built in, but there's still a little laundry list for Nintendo, Nintendo supporting third parties, and Nindies to get on top of:

A new tough-as-nails 3D Ninja Gaiden exclusive for the Switch from Koei-Tecmo and Team Ninja (or a pretty-damned-good knockoff by an indie dev),
a new Dungeons and Dragons arcade-game sequel
Xenoblade X2
Tokyo Mirage Sessions 2
Bayonetta 3 (which is happily in development at least)
and a second-screen peripheral, whether it be the NSO smartphone update that adds less-than-1-frame-latency 2nd screen features, or something that lets 2 Nintendo Switch systems play as one 2-screen home-console like the Wii U


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