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Super Mario RPG was made at a time both Square Enix and Nintendo were really the best in the business. There's a mastery in the design of that game that just seems effortless. Also a good localization since the game is a product of it's time given it has some dated references (nowadays people would see those as memes).

I also can't place exactly the art direction, since it really mixes the Nintendo and Square Enix style at different points with the Mario characters and then the bizarre ones that don't fit the Mario aesthetic like Valentina, Punchinello or the Smithy Gang.

Also while future Mario games added mechanics and minigames to the progression I think the original was focused more on platforming at some points. We just don't see levels like the Booster Tower or the temples which had a lot of jumpin around in the latter games.

All in all, there have been other good Mario RPGs some even with a better story. It's just that the original seems more unique, perhaps because it never got a direct follow up of its particular flavor.


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