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Fri May 15 20 12:31am
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Ahh Mario RPG... had the game for years, but didn't get around to playing it until the SNES Mini... was actually quite enjoyable. I think maybe because it was simple and too the point; no excessive stat building to worry about, no complicated upgrade systems, a story that was enjoyable yet doesn't force choices or challenges that potentially risk a less desirable outcome... basically, no pressure to be perfect. My experience with Final Fantasy 6 (also on the Mini) is proving to be fairly similar... quite unlike my experience with Final Fantasy 10, which left me feeling constantly pressured to be perfect, until I just lost interest...

Probably didn't hurt that Mario RPG has an easy EXP exploit that allowed you to skip all the monotonous grinding... the grinding in FF6 is kind of annoying, but at least there's a few spots that make it go faster...


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