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Mon May 18 20 08:09pm
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Pikmin in an ideal scenario should be a combo pack of the 3 games, or at the very least the first 2. They're very short. They should also add online, since the multiplayer is very niche for local multiplayer. It's by design focused for people that have played the single player and already know the controls well.

As a series, it's a game of contrasts since despite being based on RTSs the game also has a very chill atmosphere most of the time. I think a new entry could benefit of adding secondary missions that aren't mandatory like disassembling a machine like in the Pikmin short, having items that just decorate your ship like in Mario Odyssey, and maybe having sidequests were you're asked to take pictures of a part of a level.

I just have found few things to do after beating the story. That's my main issue with the series.


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