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Wed May 20 20 03:33am
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As far as I'm concerned Perfect Dark completely blew Goldeneye out of the water. Maybe because I was a pc fps fan at the time, I thought Goldeneye was fun but very clunky and somewhat incomplete. Perfect Dark on the other hand and in my mind anyway was really where console fps really started. I mean even when Halo was released, I played it and thought it's fun but it's no Perfect Dark.

One thing that really and I mean really works in Perfect Dark is its multiplayer mode of course. Consider the insane amount of options you get to customize your multiplayer game. Entirely customizable, maps, teams, modes, weapons, profiles per player even with four players, with a progression system, several very distinct control settings (who in their right mind would play Perfect Dark with the default Goldeneye configuration ?)... All of that was revolutionary on consoles at the time, and even to this day just consider that amount of options and laugh at 90% of modern fps.

I have owned Goldeneye and sold it. But nobody will ever make me part with my Perfect Dark cartridge ^^

Now I just want that Rare collection on the Switch so bad. How do they NOT realise that these are absolutely NOT going to make Nintendo fans buy Xboxes but they WILL definitely sell like hotcakes if they are released where they should. It's insane really. Lately I have replayed some Conker/Jet Force Gemini/ Perfect Dark which are the real Rare gems in my eye and I thought man how come ?


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