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I'm pretty peeved too: I remember someone nothing something about how a Factor 5 guy said Nintendo wouldn't approve Netflix for Switch, so that's why it didn't come out around launch, but that's the last thing I remember next to the included statement. Hulu is nifty and if I go for it, I'll watch it there, but honestly, there's zero excuse for switch not to have this late in the life cycle: Netflix, Tubi, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, put all four of em on there, or at least Netflix/Prime if they're sticking to huge apps.

I use my PS4 for tubi in order to watch Super Sentai, or Amazon Prime to watch documentaries or Code Lyoko, but I'd much prefer the switch since it's the perfect size and device for such things. I prefer my computer for youtube/twitch playback, but for anything else... Yeah, it's gonna be my TV for the time being. My phone is too puny to make video watching of any kind practical, soooo the switch is the next best thing for it. I dug it when I had to use it during College when the app came out, as I did not want my data plan drained by going on LTE to watch youtube, nor did I feel comfortable hooking up my phone to unsecure wifi when I could just do my Switch. (which barely has anything like an internet browser to worry about), but really, it's pretty absurd that Netflix and others are stubborn about multimedia on Switch. Maybe they're cranky about HDCP not being there, IDK.

Or maybe it's Nintendo being stingy/weird. Wouldn't surprise me at all since they blocked a lot of Wii U developers from publishing games on Switch, and STILL do with some to this day for no reason.