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It's especially irksome when Hulu isn't even available in Canada, limiting our streaming options to whatever is available on YouTube.

Yes, I do have a PS4, but when I have to fire up a separate console just to access the one app, that is taking me out of Nintendo's ecosystem entirely, so that when I am done watching whatever show or movie, I'm still likelier to stay in PlayStation's ecosystem just because it's already on and the controller is in hand.

But it's not just Netflix. Disney+, Crave and HBO, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, hell even Warner Brother's DC streaming service and TED Talks, apps for Switch should have the floodgates opened (and system themes, but that's another GoNintendo thought for another day, I'm sure).

Choices are never a bad thing; I'd never understand why someone would argue against them when it takes nothing away from what already exists.


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