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Hes right though, whether some of us like to admit it or not. The leap from PS3 to PS4 and 360 to One weren't that major in terms of graphics and visuals. PS5 and Series X look to be the same. I think we have reached a point in graphics where we cant look that much better. Their will never be another graphical leap like what we got from SNES to N64 or PS2 to PS3. Obviously draw distance, things on screen, loading times, and framerate can always be improved but the graphic fidelity has reached its peak IMO.

While I do wish the Switch was more powerful or Nintendo focused on hardware power a bit more (like they use to) you gotta admit the portability factor of the Switch is a huge game changer. Home console games on the go is one of the reasons why the Switch is so successful. Whether you like Nintendo's hardware gimmicks or not they always try to innovate which leads them to sticking out from the rest of the crowd.

That being said while Platinum Games has done a good deal for Nintendo (Bayonetta 2/3, Wonderful 101, and Astral Chain). You hear 3rd parties say this stuff all the time yet never have any exclusives to back up their talk/claims.


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