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Also realism should start impacting gameplay more. Having physic related reactions to your actions or having stuff in the environment actively reacting to your actions, that's the leap I want to see. Since while not perfect there's just a point were smaller details impact more on screenshots than while playing the game.

Whenever Nintendo fails they're very quick to change and not looking back. They clearly know they can sell less powerful hardware if the software is good. But also I think they just like gimmicks, either to sell more or to just make it harder to emulate (I suppose).

Since Nier Automata they've been doing better, I've heard Astral Chain sold well enough. The Wonderful 101 seems to have had a lukewarm reception, but still most of the work was already there. I do wonder if they're shaking up Bayonetta, since they seemed they did pulled faster the second game from announcement to release way faster. Seems really odd, we've not see more of that game.


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