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The major change is that it has become more stable in terms of support than their last 2 consoles. BotW,Mario Odyssey, and Indie developing growing are the main reasons the Switch grew a big install base very fast.

Mainly making it a Treasure Trove of a games of several generations, catering to both console and portable first party development and bringing handheld series to a console after a very long times (Pokemon and Fire Emblem).

In regards to new stuff though, with the Switch Nintendo does have focused on some odd projects. 1-2 Switch, Arms, Labo, Ring Fit Adventure. I just don't seem they're trying to focus on the same things as their direct competitors. And IMO their main weakness is that they just don't seem to have any passion or interest for online play, feels more it's just something they were obligated to have given how little care they've put to it compared to their games.


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