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Their first party output while not perfect feels like it has focused more on what fans of several series have been wanting. Bringing elements or systems back from their more experimenting years or making compromises of mixing both old and new ideas.

I think the variety has been there, but yeah the bulk of it is indie (both new and old), remasters, ports or compilations, and weird projects like the ones I've already mentioned.

I don't know, not all players are the same. I just haven't been as invested in the top of the line new games. Bloodborne was fantastic, MGS 5 was the best stealth game I've played but the worst Metal Gear story. Arkham Knight was technically impressive but also very easy and the story just fel shallow. Nier Automata was also great but it looks like PS3 game and not even performs well on a base PS4 or PC and I think that last bit is my issue. I expect the Switch to perform as best it can, and I'm mad the base PS4 can't hold it's ground with several games that it should be able to run well or more smoothly (like Bloodstained).


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