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When I read the headline, I was totally ready to rip into this guy for whatever reasons he had for biting two-thirds of the hand that fed him and his company... but actually reading his words, I found myself thinking, "I don't see any problem with his logic here." I do like a pleasant surprise, whether in media or life (I'm one of the poor saps that actually liked The Last Jedi because it didn't go the obvious route with Rey's parents... at least till the next movie), and if I were a game dev working on slightly more advanced versions of the same hardware day in and out... yeah, I think I'd appreciate Nintendo a bit more. I don't agree with ALL of Nintendo's or Platinum's decisions (I was also one of the few that didn't like Wonderful 101 before the remaster; I swear you'd need three hands to play that game at the pace it gives you, two to hold the Game Pad, and one to hold the stylus), but I do follow Inaba's logic here, and have even experienced what he's talking about myself.

Kind of a long-winded way of saying "I was irritated at first, but then agreed with him on the feeling of excitement", but that's what I tried to say with the rambling jumble of words above.


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