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Yeah, he has a great point. New consoles weren't all just about flashier graphics but new features for better immersion like analogue sticks and rumble. And now VR etc. Of course technology advances in the sound and graphic department, which is damn good, but not everything in a game either. And eaker hardware can sometimes get devs to go very creative with graphics and get real artistic, not just push polygons. Astral Chain is a prime example for this. It has some amazing gameplay and damn good visuals. An instant favourite. Yep, it's up there with the Bayinettas and !=!s and MadWorld etc. With all that said, I am not excited for the XsX AT ALL, but the PS5 has my attention. Very so. I'll get a gaming PC instead of the XsX since all the games on Xbox are coming to PC anyway, and on PC I hae VR and several games not hitting the XCsX. PS5 has a very fascinating controller, we know it's get eclusives and VR, so, yeah! A better deal already.

Oh and talking about PLatinum and favourite games: Nier: Automata. We all know Platinum helped with the gameplay, but it's not a Pure PLatium game. I am happy it helped them out so much, the deserve that with their great job, but it's more a Yoko Taro game with help from other teams. And they all did a fantastic job. What a ride it is!


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