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Sat May 23 20 08:45pm
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PETA owns a number of so-called "animal shelters" in which they take people's pets, then euthanize them regardless of their circumstances. On the surface, they look like legitimate animal shelters, but they're really using it as a way to obtain people's pets so they can kill them.

These PETA-owned facilities have a euthanization rate of 95% to 99%. They aren't interested in giving these animals more loving homes the way a real animal shelter does, and that's because they don't believe there is such a thing as a "loving home."

For the record, PETA used to be a legitimate organization dedicated to fighting pet abuse, poaching, and other forms of terrible things people do to animals. Sometime in the 90s or 00s, they got new leadership that corrupted the organization into what it is today. (You can tell PETA from other groups for their focus on shocking content, emotional attacks on people, and targeting popular culture, all of which are designed to draw attention to themselves, not help whatever causes they say they have.)


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