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Mon Jun 15 20 11:53am
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I hope it lasts for a long time, the install base is huge and games are ported frequently and the console is really well designed. I like it a lot. PS5 and Series X is a bad joke, revealing those consoles during a world wide crisis with nothing new to show and a ton of games that are going to release either way on ps4 and xbox one and a, for sure, hefty price tag, things will probably stay the same for a few more years before we start seeing the actual shift to the new generation of consoles. Similar to what happened to the Wii, if the install base is huge, third parties will keep making games (shovelware in this case) for those consoles, and if they release games for PS5 and Series X, probably most releases will have versions that are compatible with ps4 and xbox one, just because of how unsure is to release a game on new generation hardware at this moment.
What do you think? I think it was a bad move from sony and ms to rush this, there might be a few games, but now you can get ps4's and xbox's so cheap, the install base is so huge and the games look so good, that is the perfect time to keep on releasing games on current gen consoles, switch included.


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