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It would be good to have a little more oomph, it is really bad when a game is a blurry mess - even if it is impressive that they can even be playable on the system. But playable vs stable is not really cutting it in some games. MK11, DBFZ, and Samurai Shodown, all using UE4, can not hit a stable 60 FPS even with severely lowered resolution and lowered graphical fidelity, and the frames actually matter in these games. I know for a fact that a lot of fighting game fans wanted these but had to pass them up. It would be great to have these games on a lightweight system to bring to tournaments or friends instead of lugging a PS4 or XBO but they just don't perform well on the Switch. And with the next-gen hardware going so far beyond that it may change how developers even design their games, the Switch is going to lag behind. For all the good ports of big high-fidelity games like Doom or Warframe, there is The Outer Worlds or ARK, and it can really only get worse and not better as fancier games start coming out.

So yeah, if not a new console altogether, I predict a revision would come in two or three years, maybe something akin to a PS4 Pro that offers a "Boost Mode" for older games that improves performance. Would be nice!


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