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Fri Jun 26 20 06:21am
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"While the Switch's UI is snappy and straightforward"

Let's make it as slow as the Wii U menu, with adding unneeded trash.
The Switch UI is as snappy as it is because it ONLY needs 200KB of RAM. Meaning it can remain in RAM even when playing a game or downloading something from the internet. This is unlike the Wii U menu which had to unload and reload every time you Switched to the main menu or a title. This is why only a small amount of icons is shown, there is no music in the background (for instance a mp3 file could be 8-10 times as big as the entire OS) and there is no background. An uncompressed 720p screenshot would be around 2-3 MB.

This would either be;
1. always in RAM. Limiting the amount of RAM available for games.
Or 2. unloaded / loaded when going from / to the home menu adding loading times up to 30x the amount it does now.


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