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Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is the main thing I am doing, but this weekend is also the Bug-Off in New Horizons so I need to grind that out for the rewards on Saturday.

Otherwise I will be doing a little bit of Pokémon Café Mix (I play until I run out of retries), periodically checking Pokémon Go for Dwebble & probably set aside time to grind some more Max Mushrooms or Watts in Isle of Armor so I can finish off the little bits of that I have left. I want to do the Restricted Sparring but trying even just one made me realize I have shitty Pokémon so I probably won't do that since I don't want to make like 18 teams. Unless someone has a guide that doesn't require me bothering with EVs, IVs and the like.

So yeah.

Xenoblade, AC & Pokémon. Mostly biding time until Min Min & the Xenoblade event in Tetris 99.


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