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Mon Jun 29 20 11:46pm
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Hmm... I suppose it varies, depending on the game... although I do recall a few games I played very little and gave up on shortly after.

The oldest I remember is World of Warcraft... it was so boring... all I did was run between NPCs, fetching items and killing minor enemies, over and over again...

Then there was Bayonetta... monotonous wandering through empty stages until finding opponents to fight with mindless button-mashing combat... so painfully dull...

And more recently was Splatoon... arena shooters, ugh... jump in, shoot stuff, win or lose, jump in again... and again... and again... over and over... I just don't understand the appeal of such repetition...

Although now that I think of it, I finished Final Fantasy 6 a while ago on the SNES Mini... and there were a few times I was tempted to give up... mostly because the turn-based fighting and level-grinding were as dull as ever... but the plot was interesting enough... and wanting to be able to say "I beat a Final Fantasy game" certainly helped...

If I had to guess, I'm prone to abandoning a game very quickly if it lacks gameplay that I find appealing... but if the story holds my interest well enough I'll try to work my way through it...


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